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La B.E.A. Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates

It is a professional corporation which operates in every core sector of architecture and civil engineering. It employes the forty-years experience of Giancarlo Barbaro, CEO and prime associate. The corporation’s second CEO, Raffaele Barbaro, also contributes to establish B.E.A.’s operative fields through his fourteen years of professional history; among his main objectives, he works to extend the corporation’s reach and facilitate its expansion, bringing it to a future full of significant partnerships. The unique artistic and academic itinerary of Maria Barbaro, B.E.A. associate, refreshes the group’s professional calibre by introducing it to the world of interior design, virtual architecture design and architecture-based visual communication.

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Work in Progress
RFI SPA _ Maintenance work on civil works at the railway site Read more
Execution works of the Salerno West Gate Intervention 1st section, 2nd lot Read more
Completion works of the Piscinola - Capodichino Railway Line Read more
RFI SPA _ Extraordinary maintenance of the civil works of the railway headquarters Read more
RFI SPA _ Containment works _ Linea Battipaglia / RC _ Pisciotta SA Read more
Realisation of the piano della rocca dam across the alento river - special project 29/1725. Read more
Arab Emirates, 2 December 2015
Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates joins the Mission in United Arab Emirates (Dubai e Sharja) scheduled for January 2016, coordinated by a partnership of OICE and ANCE in collaboration with the Farnesina, the Abu Dhabi Italian Embassy and the Dubai ICE office.
Salerno, 5 November 2015
Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates participates to the “BULGARIA - Fondi Europei 2014 – 2020 ed investimenti privati - Opportunità per gli operatori italiani in Bulgaria” conference
Rome, 29 September 2015
Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates participates to “Corso di formazione sul procurement della Banca Africana di Sviluppo”
Bucarest, 9-10 July 2015
Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates partecipates to the “Missione settore INFRASTRUTTURE in Romania” conference
Rome, 5 February 2015
Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates participates to “Corso di formazione specialistica per consulenti sul procurement della banca europea per la ricostruzione e lo sviluppo”