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It is a professional corporation which operates in every core sector of architecture and civil engineering. It employes the forty-years experience of Giancarlo Barbaro, CEO and prime associate. The corporation’s second CEO, Raffaele Barbaro, also contributes to establish B.E.A.’s operative fields through his fourteen years of professional history; among his main objectives, he works to extend the corporation’s reach and facilitate its expansion, bringing it to a future full of significant partnerships. The unique artistic and academic itinerary of Maria Barbaro, B.E.A. associate, refreshes the group’s professional calibre by introducing it to the world of interior design, virtual architecture design and architecture-based visual communication.

B.E.A. professional association is able to provide public and private clients, thanks to its long-standing experience in both public and private works, an effective and solid "global engineering service” distinguished by the thoroughness and flexibility required by markets and current regulations. The exploitation of state-of-the-art technologic and IT systems allows us to achieve any objective, through both competence and the highest degree of technical specialization. The goal of B.E.A. is to offer a comprehensive professional service for every design and realization stage within the typical engineering sectors, by performing multidisciplinar and global project activities.
From the concept and analysis stages - through the drafting of the preliminary, final, executive and construction projects -,economic evaluation of the intervention, work control and management, up to the delivery to the end user.