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Completion works of the Piscinola - Capodichino Railway Line
For the modernisation and enhancement of MetroCampaniaNordEst.
Site: Napoli
Customer service: MetrocampaniaNordEst s.r.l.
Brief description of the work

The works encompasses all of the interventions needed to complete the Piscinola - Capodichino railway line.

Brief description of the service

The ongoing-work Static Test service will be carried out by Giancarlo Barbaro, and will involve the following activities:

  • static analysis revision;  
  • construction site inspections - executive specs control;
  • material sample acquisition and lab testing;
  • execution of the load tests for the foundation and elevation structures;
  • drafting of the static test certificate.

The ongoing-work Technical-Administrative Inspection service will be carried out by Giancarlo Barbaro, and will  involve the following activities:

  • contractual agreements analysis;
  • construction site inspections;
  • work in progress control;
  • contractual time terms control;
  • work direction supervision, to ensure proper execution of the control and testing activities involving the materials used for the civil and technologic works;
  • accountability revisions;
  • reserve analysis (if any);
  • drafting of the Technical-Administrative Inspection certificate.