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Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates is a professional corporation which operates in every core sector of industrial and civil engineering. Its membership is made of the following professionals:

  • Giancarlo Barbaro, Engineer
  • Raffaele Barbaro, Engineer

Altough it was only founded in 1999, B.E.A. employes the forty-years experience of Giancarlo Barbaro - CEO and prime associate - in every major sector of civil engineering:

  • residential construction
  • industrial construction
  • healthcare construction
  • tertiary construction
  • road infrastructures
  • hydraulic infrastructures
  • maritime infrastructures
  • underground infrastructures

Graduated with top marks in transports/structures civil engineering from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in 1998, the corporation’s second CEO Raffaele Barbaro also contributes to establish B.E.A.’s operative fields through his sixteen years of professional history; among his main objectives, he works to extend the corporation’s reach and facilitate its expansion, bringing it to a future full of significant partnerships.

BEA’s core business consists of the following services:

  • general contracting
  • architectural design
  • urban design
  • structural design
  • installation design
  • work management
  • static load tests
  • technical-administrative inspections
  • technical and economical feasibility analysis
  • general technical assistance and consulting toward engineering enterprises, professionals and companies

When providing its services, the corporation also pursues popular all-inclusive solutions.

The remarkable experience gained through many years of professional activity in public and private works allows BEA to offer its clients a valid and proficient global engineering service, well-aligned with the completeness and flexibility requirements of markets and current regulations. The exploitation of state-of-the-art IT systems allows it to achieve any objective through both compentence and the maximum degree of technical specialisation.

B.E.A. is ISO 9001.2008 certified: the certification was issued by Quality Austria (certificate number 08720/0 of 22.12.2009). BEA has also taken out a liability insurance policy: the contract was stipulated with LLOYD’S (policy number A0150326400), London, with coverage up to € 7,500,000.00.
In order to better serve third parties, BEA exercises its professional capabilities by providing continuous support to the construction enterprises of the Barbaro group:

  • S.E.C.I. – Servizi per l’Edilizia Civile ed Industriale;
  • Eurobuild – Servizi Immobiliari s.r.l.;
  • Metalelektra – Carpenteria Metalliche ed Impianti Elettrici

and SECI Service, the last newborn service company of the group, primarily concerned with Global Maintenance (civil and installation maintenance) of civil and industrial buildings and Rent Office (furnished offices and conference rooms).

B.E.A. can also count on the long-lasting assistance of Massimo Mattei, a professional architect with more than 35 years of experience in his field. He is an expert in:

  • architectural and urban design
  • urban design
  • soil bioengineering
  • construction work management
  • safety organisation during project and executive phases

Among the main B.E.A. ordinary activities is the full packaging of the working plan (papers, working drawings, specifications) needed by the mentioned Gruppo Barbaro construction enterprises to carry out their construction site activities easily and quickly.

The corporation also consistently provides ordinary work control activities for the same enterprises; in particular, it supervises all of the various steps which belong to the realisation of civil and industrial works (as the choice and approval of site technical solutions, or the materials approval and inspection).
To accomplish such task, BEA takes advantage from a series of steady collaborations with the following professionals:

  • civil engineers;
  • architects;
  • surveyors;
  • accountants;
  • administrative officers;
  • IT experts

so to ensure the stable activity of the following sectors:

  • project management
  • architectural design
  • installation design
  • structural design
  • safety design and management
  • construction site office for Work Management or Inspections
  • administrative office
  • quality management

B.E.A. is headquartered in the SECI Business Center ( - service centre of excellence built by the Barbaro group construction enterprises in 2009 and located in Salerno’s industrial area. The structure is steadily equipped with the following cutting-edge devices:

  • PCs (desktops and laptops)
  • smartphones/tablets;
  • digital cameras;
  • A4 colour printers - one A3 colour printer - one A3 printer/copier/scanner
  • plotter
  • document management software for quality commission management on 888 platform
  • application software for engineering, architecture and accounting

and possesses the following logistic resources:

  • meeting rooms up to 10-12 seats
  • conference rooms from 30 to 150 seats
  • 450 square metres inner exhibition area
  • 450 square meters ground-floor outer exhibition area
  • external car park counting more than 200 parking spaces
  • about 3000 square meters outer exhibition area

In consideration of all the elements above - and for its technical and logistic framework - B.E.A. Barbaro Engineers & Architects associates qualifies as a distinguished business partner over the regional, national and international scene.